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Q:  Are you suggesting that Amaze works with the calcium in the soil or that Amaze contains calcium? I was taught by Steve Westin that calcium does not get transported thru the leaf you must put it in the soil. Please enlighten me.

A:  Amaze contains calcium and the calcium is very unique in this because it's hooked to a phosphate and it's clear soluble which is one of the proprietary products of International Ag Labs. The Amaze has got an NPK package, but ultimately its purpose is to deliver calcium to the fruit. Will the calcium translocate from the leaf to the fruit with the use of Amaze? The answer is yes. That's why we recommend Amaze.

As a normal procedure generally Steve Weston was teaching it correctly, you don't get much calcium transported through the leaf. That's what makes Amaze amazing because it doesn't follow that, and the reason why is because the calcium is hooked to a phosphate. So you've got a phosphate of calcium, it transports the calcium to the growing tips of the plant, to the roots perhaps or to the fruit, and in this case we want it to go to the fruits that are developing. Then the phosphate unhooks from the calcium, the calcium is deposited into the fruit and now that calcium is no longer mobile. The phosphate then can continue to do work cycling and working to transport other minerals, sugars and carbohydrates in the work of the plant.

Even though there're 5 units of calcium in Amaze, it's really a sophisticated delivery system to get calcium from the leaf to the fruit. That's what Amaze does. There is some aspect that it does work with the calcium in the soil as well because when you do something with a very soluble form sometimes you can have an impact on the uptake of calcium from the root. But if you look at fruit and at the amount of calcium present, just a little bit extra can make a big impact on the quality of that fruit. Our strategy is to foliar spray Amaze weekly while fruit or vegetables are developing. That little extra push of calcium make a pretty big difference in the calcium content in the overall analysis of that produce by the end of the season.

Now you know why we're always really excited about Amaze is because it can dramatically improve quality, it can get the calcium content up and the flavor and shelf life and all of that. And it does it outside of the root. Sometimes we just need to emphasize or push just a little more on the calcium from a leaf source and that, together with what we're accomplishing from the roots, can really make a big impact even though your amount per acre is really small, it still makes an impact.

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