Bloomit Foliar Spray

Bloomit Foliar Spray


With an analysis of 2-18-0.1Mn, Bloomit® creates an environment conducive to seed development. This liquid foliar product is extremely beneficial in soybeans as it has the potential to increase the number of pods per plant and aids in reducing alternate bearing in fruit trees. By increasing plant reproductive properties, yield should improve as well. Do not apply Bloomit® when vegetative growth is desired.

Recommended Application

2 qts/acre Bloomit®
2 lbs/acre Dextrose
20 gal/acre Water

Typically Recommended Crops

Legume Crops
Fruit Trees

Fruit trees determine buds in the fall. After a heavy fruit bearing year, apply Bloomit® after harvest but before fall dormancy to potentially reduce alternate bearing. Bloomit® has also been used to encourage more blossom development after a damaging spring frost.

    • Apples
    • Oranges
    •  Lemons
    • Peaches