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The Grasshoppers are Marching!

A Foliar Program Is Part of a Comprehensive Program Aimed at Increasing Plant Health and Ultimately Crop Quality and Yield

Foliar Sprays - Features and Benefits of Foliar Sprays

It was an excited, almost frantic, call in 1988 from Joe Wipf in South Dakota. "We are in the midst of a severe drought and I have never seen such a stark contrast between our corn fields and the neighbors. You must come and see it." Wendell Owens, on the other end of the phone, had worked with Joe as a fertility advisor for the previous two years. That same day he hopped into his pickup and drove to South Dakota...what he saw was truly amazing.

The first thing Wendell noticed was the absolute color contrast between the fields. Joe's corn was green and growing with little sign of drought stress. The neighbor's corn exhibited all the typical signs of drought stress--off color, stunted and delayed growth, pineapple leaves, and dying plants. Trained to always observe, what he saw next almost made the hair stand up on the back of his neck...

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The Four Bases of Mineralized Soil

The Optimum Food Supply for People and Animals Should Be Grown On Mineralized Soil. This Type Of Soil Isn’t to be Found—It Is Crafted.

Mineralized SoilSoil is a marvelous and complex part of creation. Soil has been meticulously studied and written about from many perspectives. Beginning in the 1850’s Russian scientists began to classify soils based on their various properties including geological origins. By 1900 American scientists were significantly adding to the knowledge of soil science. From the 1920’s-1950’s Russian research on soil microbiology was at its pinnacle. With the honorable exception of Dr. William Albrecht, American research and

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From Palest Pink to Deepest Red

Find Out How One Innovative Fruit Grower Completely Changes the Internal Color of His Strawberries With One Simple Action!

Foliar Spray Amaze

I want to tell you the amazing, true story of my friend Duane Headings. Like many others in his generation, Duane is on a mission to grow and market the highest quality produce possible. In his first year of marketing strawberries, Duane consistently raised strawberries 3 to 4 brix points higher than commercially produced strawberries. Brix are measured by a refractometer which is a mechanical taste tester. How did Duane achieve this? His first step was submitting a soil sample for analysis and recommendation to International Ag Labs. In order to raise produce eagerly accepted by the market place, a systemic approach is required. An approach that addresses the deficiencies of your soil and the unique nutritional needs of the crop you are growing. This is why a soil analysis is so important in reaching maximum quality and yield potential.

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Amaze Case Study

Using AMAZE with LSB as a Foliar Program

Amazing Breakthrough in Foliar Plant Nutrition Part I - Case Study

Amaze with PGR as a Foliar Program

Dwayne Bowman had a problem. Actually he had two. As a recent transplant from Ohio to the fruit tree region of Washington, and with no prior experience, his first job was to manage a large orchard producing apples and cherries. As Dwayne recounts “My wife knew more about fruit trees than I did when I got the job.”

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